Shooting Times

Project Stats:

Rate Base: 164,000

Audience: 1,006,604

Male/Female: 87% / 13%

Median Age: 40.8

Median HHI: $79,100

Frequency: 12x

Publisher: Outdoor Sportsman Group

Source: MRI Spring 2016

Mission Statement:
Shooting Times is a magazine dedicated to shooters, hunters and reloaders covering all aspects of the shooting sports. Often acknowledged as “the best return on your advertising investment,” Shooting Times serves an extremely active group of dedicated, technically savvy shooting and hunting enthusiasts. These individuals form a core opinion-leader group in the shooting sports community and influence fellow shooters on the products and services they choose to buy. Shooting Times devotees are also avid “information gatherers” on and readers of popular Special Interest Publications including the annual Gun Guide and Accuracy Secrets, among others.