Project Stats:

Rate Base: 197,000

Audience: 3,377,000

Male/Female: 86% / 14%

Median Age: 48.2

Median HHI: $70,000

Frequency: 7x

Publisher: Outdoor Sportsman Group

Source: MRI Spring 2016 & Sub Study

Mission Statement:

As the largest publisher of freshwater fishing media in the country, In-Fisherman is uniquely positioned as the leading information provider to freshwater fishing enthusiasts. Through the integration and convergence of targeted multi-media communications tools, including award-winning magazines, special interest publications, custom published periodicals, nationally acclaimed television and radio production, live events and tournaments, books, DVDs and digitally-delivered content, In-Fisherman provides The Total Audience Solution to penetrate the core of the active novice and expert fresh water angling community.